Friday, 9 July 2010

Cool for Cats

The Cats are also struggling with the heat, flopping around listlessly everywhere. Often across the kitchen floor, which is a bit inconvenient.

This evening, I had a thought about soaking a  cloth, and stroking the cat with it.   I reasoned that this would cool the cat down, and rehydrate her as she washed herself after my attentions.  

I found an old microfibre cloth, soaked it under the tap, and went off in search of Isabelle who, being very hairy, is feeling the heat the most,

I found her under the trailer.  I started to stroke her with the wet cloth. All was going well.  Cloth was getting a bit grubby (she had just been dustbathing) and somewhat hairy, but I decided I could just put it in the "dirty jobs" box when it had been washed.   

One half of Izzy was nicely dampened, and I moved to her head and ears.  At this point, she must have realised that the cloth was wet (presumably her thick coat prevented her from noticing this earlier), and she rubbed her face in the cloth.   So far so good.

Then, unfortunately for both of us,  she decided to lick the cloth.

Did I mention that I was using a Microfibre cloth?  My Microfibre cloths are washed in a tiny amount of detergent, on the hottest wash possible,  and with absolutely no fabric conditioner.  FabCon clogs up the fibres, and stops them working properly.

Microfibre cloths work by having standy-uppy microfibres, which wrap round and ease off dirt.    It would appear they also wrap themselves around a cats scratchy tongue.

We looked at each other, for just a moment. I was wide eyed in disbelief; Izzy was wide eyed in horror at this thing stuck to her tongue.   I did manage to pull it off as Izzy made a run for it.  It was a bit like separating velcro.

For some reason she wouldn't settle down after that. Every time I approached her with my soothing blue cloth, she got up and "slunked" away.

Can't imagine why.

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  1. Oh poor Izzy! Bless you for trying to cool her down though!

    C x