Tuesday, 23 June 2009


The warm weather has produced a rush of ripe fruit. I've been picking loads, eating a lot of it or turning it into smoothies... and yesterday I started off 3 different flavours of Vodka.

I've got some Tayberry and some Raspberry vodka just started; these are fairly simple to do, and produce a very fruity flavoured vodka. I've also got some Blackcurrant Vodka on the go; this takes much longer, and will produce a kind of Vodka Liqueur. Very soft, very sweet, very delicate, with a hidden kick.

I sent some to my dad, and had to warn him that it packs a bit of a punch. He likes the taste, and seems to like how it makes him feel!

Still oodles more ripe fruit, and I'm just not in a jamming mood. Maybe I'll go for cordials next?

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