Saturday, 27 June 2009


Our collection of hollyhocks has grown over the years, and from now for the next few months they will dominate the back garden a bit.

I'm guessing that they breed with each other, as we now have Hollyhocks in an incredible spectrum of pink. Some years ago I started to collect the seed each year (and there is a lot of seed to collect), and dropped the seed of the best colours further afield in the garden. It takes two years to get a Hollyhock. One year after youve planted the seed you get a bit of growth but no flower, and the next year you get a flower. Maybe the plants are bi-ennial, which means it's actually even more amazing that we have so many.

Anyway. I did cheat a couple of years ago, and I bougtsome seed for a black Hollyhock. It's flowered this year!

Hmm... the reporoduction of colours here doesn't reflect the true range of colours of the Hollyhocks in real life...not the colours of them on my camera. Oh well.

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