Saturday, 6 June 2009

Cordially yours

Last year I tried my hand at making cordials.

We have a lot of fruit, and I make jam, fruit leathers, dry it, preserve it blah blah, I've also made fruit vodkas, but up till then never ordinary cordial. They came out really well. I decided that I'd try Elderflower cordial, as I personally keep Bottlegreen in business. Somehow though I missed the Elderflower "season".

This year, I caught our elderflower in time, and managed to cnip enough large heads to make one batch. I followed Hugh's recipe (well, it seemed as good as any other), and I was surprised at how quick and easy it was, easier than blackcurrants anyway.

It doesn't taste like Bottlegreen's Elderflower cordial, but it is a really pleasant drink. I think I might have to go foraing for more Heads so that I can make "champagne"

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  1. Well done on the elderflower cordial. I have my second batch brewing in the utility room. First batch is bottled and safety stashed away from curious OH!!

    C x x