Tuesday, 9 June 2009


He was delicious.

Very, very tasty; full of chickeny flavour.

He was quite a large bird, just over 2.25kg. Although he works out quite expensive, it was still excellent value, as we're practiced at turning good chicken into Rubber Chicken. No, it doesn't mean it tastes rubbery, it means we can stre-e-e-tch it into several meals.

We had roast chicken tonight; we'll have one of the legs cold tomorrow;the other leg will be turned into either chicken pie or chicken curry; the remaining bits will make a risotto; and finally we'll make chicken stock (some of which will go in the risotto, the rest will be frozen for future use. So, excluding the stock, we'll have four meals for 2 people, 8 meals in total.

And we can always freeze the deboned pieces so we don't have to have chicken every day. Mind you, we haven't had chicken for ages, as we anticipated having a bit of a glut, so I expect a few chickeny days will be fine.

I did have to shut the french door in the kitchen so my Girls couldn't see what we were eating.

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