Thursday, 11 July 2019

Cook Expert

My Magimix CookExper t(CE)  arrived last week!

It's replacing my Thermy and, probably, my much loved but not-so-much used Ankarsrum mixer.  It may well replace a couple of other appliances too, but we'll see.

It is a massive indulgence, but one I've been saving for since I first saw it in 2016.  It was launched  before then in several Euro countries and Australia.  It was going to be launched here, too, but wasn't.     I've been following some Australian Facebook groups and one blogger in particular (The Flo Show) as she charted her journey with the machine, and did an excellent comparison of the then-CE to the then-Thermy. The CE has been updated (free updates) a number of times since the article was written,  and Thermy has released a new model since then.

And now the CE's being released in the UK in August;  some UK people (not me) have been testing it on pre-release for about 6 months,  and some people (including me) were on the 'early release' list.  I 'know' one of the testers, another Thermy owner (he has a TM31 and a TM5), and I was really interested in seeing what he thought.

I love Thermy TM31.  I think I'm going to love the CookExpert even more.

It includes a Magimix 5200XL processor system which, for me,  is a mixed blessing.   All the Magimix accessories which fit the 5200XL work with this system.     It makes the machine even more versatile than it would be without the processor (and without the processor it would still be a phenomenal machine!).  The downside is that I have to find space for the processor top and any accessories (including discs).

I sold my previous processor, a fab Sage one (they know how to do double bowls properly), some time after getting Thermy.  I found I was only using it for slicing stuff, when I had a lot of slicing to do.  And for making Hollandaise.  It wasn't really earning its space on the worktop, but if I put it in a cupboard, it would never see the light of day.   So, I bought a really good quality, safe, mandolin to do the slicing and found a good  home for Sage where he would be appreciated.  I didn't miss him. Mostly.

Back to the CE.  I was very fortunate to be able to pick up a bag of accessories at a bargain price (at such a bargain price I gave the lady more than twice what she was asking).  We've already tried a couple of them and, they're not half bad.   I'm not sure about the hassle of washing the processor parts.  I know they can go in the dishwasher, but I seem to remember that the plastic will cloud after a while if we do that.

I've been too under the weather to experiment as much as I should with the CE  but I've done enough to confirm that Thermy should go to a new home.

Recently a new UK Facebook group for  the CE was set up.  I made my first full meal from a recipe posted there yesterday,  Risotto Bolognese.   It went well.

I'm happy.

And Thermy is going to a new home, where he will be very much loved and appreciated,  this week.

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