Thursday, 13 April 2017

And following on...

My lovely MIL is now in hospital, and DH has travelled to see her and his sister.  MIL has Dementia, and this means that the two children may have to invoke their Power of Attorney.  I may write more about this when it's over. 

On the bright side,  the Avian Flu restrictions are being lifted today: the hens can finally go out.  DH mowed thegrass at home before left,  and he also cut the grass outside the allotment.  

The Garden Girls won't be let out until this afternoon.  They haven't felt grass under their feet or tasted grass in their beaks since December last year,   and they will probably try and gorge on it.  

Last night, once the Girls had gone to bed, I started to peg out netting.  I didn't wamt to do it during the day because the Girls would see, and they would know that Something was Going On.  They would get overexcited, and trouble would ensue.

Pegging out netting in the dark isn't that difficult, even without a torch. .   What is difficult, is unrolling netting. SOmething happens with the spikes.  They get caught. It's hard to undo, even when it's daylight.    There was a lot of muttering and a bit of swearing going on in the garden at night.   I managed to put one roll up,  but the second and third rolls are currently abandoned on the ground.    I've decided I'm going to print labels and number each post, as that  would help a bit.  Not in the dark, really,  but at least I'd know what the order of the poles should be when trying to unravel them.

Roll on this afternoon!

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