Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Mothers Day cards

It seems like absolutely ages since I made anything.  It is absolutely ages.

My machine was fine, didn't even need a service.  I'd got some fluff caught in the tension discs, and now she's working perfectly again.   

I made a couple of bits for the DGDs' birthdays, A cute sheepy pencil topper for S,  a bunny pencil topper for G.   I made some treat bags for them (again, a sheep and a rabbit), but I had a minor glitch with the sheep... the treat wouldn't fit in.  So I decided to turn them into cards instead.  I had everything wrapped and in the parcel before I realised I hadn't taken a picture.

I've also made cards for our mums for Mothers Day at the weekend.  

I made the Westie one first, it looks deceptively simple.  It's a really clever design.  I decided to try a variegated thread for the first time, and used it for the lettering.  It's OK, buy not as impactful as I was hoping.

 It was harder to pick a design for my lovely mum in law, but in the end I chose something quite colourful.   At the last minute, I decided to try another new variegated thread for the lettering.   I really like the effect, and I wish I'd used that on the Westie in my Mum's card.     I'll definitely be using it again.

The machine worked beautifully, and making these cards reminded me why I like her so much.

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