Friday, 17 March 2017

How do they do that?

My chooks love yoghurt.  Natural, live yoghurt.

They don't get it very often. In harsh weather, I might mix some into their warm pellet porridge; if an individual is looking under the weatherm they might get a bit;  sometimes I use it to dispense Flubenvet, that sort of thing.

I'd had a  rare yoghurt-making fail yesterday morning.  I'd ended up with something of a "drinking yoghurt" consistency,  and there was far too much of it for me to drink.    I poured some into small plastuc "coop cups" and put it out for the chooks.   They all dived in.

When I went out later to give them their afternoon corn,  I was amazed to see that the coop cups were completely clean. 

 How did they do that?

I don't just mean they'd eaten it all,  I mean the cups were clean. Like they'd been licked out.  Chooks don't lick.

They have beaks.  They can only peck at stuff.  With liquidy stuff, they stick their beaks in, grab some between the upper and lower beak.

It's like trying to pick up yoghurt with chopsticks

And yet.... the cups were clean.

How did they do that?

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