Monday, 16 November 2015

Integration continues

I decided to let the Babies decide fore themselves where they wanted to sleep.

I went out at dusk, to find that negotiations were still ongoing.

The Babies had obviously decided they wanted to go in with the Oldies, Poppy and Gloria.  As soon as I opened the kitchen door I could hear the commotion, which I interpreted - correctly - as youngsters being chased down the ladder.

By time I arrived on the scene, Fleur (the Marans) was trying again;  Fay (the flightiest bird I've ever encoutnered, was screeching;  Sasha (the Appenzeller) was running into the other cue, up the ladder, and calling for her sisters to join her.

I htought for a moment, and then shut the door to the big girls run. This trapped Faye and Fleur inside, giving them no choice about where to go to bed.  (They wanted to sleep in this Cube, they were going to have to do this at some point, might as well be now).  I then tried to encorage Sasha out of her run, but she just kept running up and down the ladder.  In the end, I opened the nest box door and this was enough to make her exit the run; I opened the other run door and she ran in.

I could see that Poppy was not happy.  I tried to intervene, but I could see I was making things worse. They needed to sort it out for themselves, and there were 3 newbies vs 2 oldies, so it wasn't like the Milly days.  I left them to it.

A bit later, when it was properly dark, I went out with a torch to check that everyone had got in OK.

They had.

Tomorrow, I'll move their feeder into the main run.

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