Sunday, 15 November 2015

Accidentally enforced integration

Bad chicken mummy!

For a few weeks now, if we go out during the day we've been shutting Littlees and Oldies into the walk in run together. If we're out for more than a few minutes, I also put out 3 peck-a-blocks (the Oldies can only commandeer 2 at once), and some cabbage or similar.

Today, I did just that.

I had forgotten how early dusk falls.  DH and I went out. When we left the place, it was already dusk...and I realised that the poor chooks would have been stuck in the Oldies run.  We wondered whether they would have tried to get into the Cube, or whether they would have just roosted on one of the many perches, or the veranda.  We decided that if they had roosted somewhere, we'd relocate them to their own Cube.

As soon as we got home I grabbed a torch and rushed outside.

The 3 Littlees were in the Cube, occupying the prime position with their heads out of the door.  I didn't check in the back and side as I didn't want to disturb them all, but I would guess that Gloria was in one of the nest boxes (she usually is while she's moulting) and that Poppy was in the other.

I guess being 3 of them against 2,  it wasn't too difficult....although it might have been a long struggle. I hope poor Poppy wasn't too overwhelmed.

I guess we'll have to decide tomorrow whether to go back to normal, or whether to push ahead with the integration, now that this has accidental progress has happened.

I'm not sure which route we'll take yet.

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