Thursday, 8 January 2015

Out with the old

I'm on a mini decluttering roll.

I've bitten the bullet and put some lovely unread books in a pile to go.  Sadly, they aren't worth selling, despite costing a lot of money when new.  I checked on Amazon, and there are loads of all of them for sale for 1p plus £2.81 postage, so no one is going ot pay more than 2.80 for them incuding postage... and as they are all hard backed, postage costs too much to make it worthwhile listing them..

I seem to remember getting to this point once before and then deciding I might as well keep them,  but I still haven't read them, and I expect it will be the same next year.  

I did try posting them on a couple of Facebook local-selling sites, but even though I was asking little for them, they just aren't selling. 

I should have done this before Christmas, as they would have made great Christmas presents.   However, I'm not keeping them for another year.

They'll be off to the charity shop tomorrow. 

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