Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Feet first

A while ago DH bought some piece of kit or other and an xy table.   The combination of this enabled him to laser cut foamy stuff to make a padded inside for an air pistol case.

He then made me an insert for my sewing machine feet.    I had to search around to find a suitable case.  I struggled a bit as, in order to find a case that could accomodate all the feet, it looked like I was going to have to get something too big.  Im the end I used a Prym stackable case which I had optimisticaly bought before Christnas, but hadn't used.

DH did a printout of the holes, and I then cut them out and moved them around until I worked out how to fit them in the space.  DH then reordered his cutting diagram so it matched my proposed layout, and then lasered the slots.

Each foot has it's own specially shaped slot...
..and I've labelled the base of the (I've removed 2 feet so youcan see the labels).
Vary happy!

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