Thursday, 1 January 2015

New Year

No New Year resolutions here.  Personally I find it best to make decisions on changes as I go, rather than waiting til January.

Had dinner with friends yesterday.  S had made a lot of her own Christmas tree decorations, mostly hand sewn.  I might try making a couple, ideally  now while I am thinking about Christmas...if I don't do it now then I won't have time later in the year. 

I'm waiting to take the decorations down before I set up my sewing machine.  Normally I'm more than ready to put everything away by now..but the tree is lovely and has hardly shed at all,  the front foor wreath still makes me smile,  and I like having the candles everywhere.  Maybe tomorrow. Or Sunday.   

The allotmenr chooks are all happy.   The little Dinner Girls escaped into the main run today.   One of them got very excited at being in Henry's presence.  She's obviously coming into lay as she crouched excitedly, waving herself at him.   He pecked her on the comb and walked off.  She ran around with the excitement of it all.

I shooed them back into their own area, reminding myself that we aren't looking to increase the harem with any girls from the 2014 hatch.   Back in the winter of 2012, DH merged the then-dinner girls with the then-harem for the winter... and couldn't bring himself to cull any of them after that.   I can see a similar slippery slope with this hatch,  and it it really isn't a good idea.     My plan was to do some selective breeding this year (2015) and keep some of those girlies.  If we keep the 2014 girls, we won't have room for any from this year.

At home, Custard is on a final warning.  She's always been a bully of a chicken. Not in Milly's league (Milly was the cream legbar we had to cull in the end), but she does have a nasty streak.   She's been particularly horrible recently,  and the final warning was issued when I caught her dragging Poppy round the run by the comb.      After Milly, I promised myself I wouldn't shilly-shally if it happened again, but I obviously am.  A bit.  Custard isn't in Milly's league of nastiness though.

We'll see.

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