Monday, 15 September 2014


Izzy has been on her thyroid medication for 3 weeks now, and had a checkup booked to see Uncle Tim today.

For the first couple of days, she was just a bit lethargic. Then she started retching and vomiting up small amounts of liquid.  I'd read that these were possible side effects, so we carried on. In case her vomiting was down to digestive troubles, I bought and cooked chicken breast for her for a couple ofdays, and this settled things down.  Back on ordinary cat food, it started again - so we put her on chicken completely for a while.

Despite the chicken, she's been pretty disinterested in food.  Usually we have to sit her in front of her bowl to get her to eat.    We weighed her a week or so ago, and she was down to a shocking 3.9 kilos.

We're so used to our cats eating voraciously, that we had to remind ourselves - continually - that normally cats only get fed twice a day,  and maybe this was just Izzy getting bacl to being a normal cat.

We were relieved when today arrived, so we could get her checked out.

We also decided ot take Wash along.  After all these years of mentioning his constant hunger and vomiting,  we wondered whether maybe he has a hyperactive thyroid too.

The first surprise was Izzy's weight.  4.79kg. She'd put on weight, and was now back to her July weight.  Blood was taken to check thryoid, we'll get the results on Wednesday.  We're so happy!

Next, Wash.  The Vet was really busy, and I hadn't given notice that we were bringing Wash too.   Tim kindly accomodated us. Wash has also lost a small amount of weight. The amount wasn't of particular concern, byt my concern was that he has been losing weight constantly.  Tim took urine and blood.      The urine showed that there was no diabetes,  so now we just need to wait for the blood test results.   I know this may be odd, but I hope that it is a hyperactive thyroid,  as that is potentially easy to get under control.

We'll know more on Wednesday.

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