Thursday, 18 September 2014

Special Bunting

I have now completed my third set of bunting. I'm quite pleased with it.

This is it from the back, which used fabric I had to buy new!

And this is it from the front, which includes the lettering which I created, printed on tee-shirt transfer paper, and then ironed on (before joining the bunting together, in case there were problems with the ironing.)

My tests the other day gave me very useful learnings, especially the fact that having the iron hot enough to do the transfer results in the fabric scorching... this explains why the instructions say to use a cloth over the top.  Sadly, I forgot the instuction about not using an ironing board, and I forgot that in my tests I used a wooden board as backing,  so if you look closely you'll see a couple of letters are a bit dodgy.

But I'm pleased with it.

And I'm pleased it's over because it was a bit of a pig to do. It was the edging of the lettered sides that was a real, ahem, PITA.

My second-hand Shaun the Sheep duvet cover arrived yesterday, so I've already cut some bunting triangles from that.    The Chicken Run cover arrived today, so I'll be cutting that up and making my fourth set of bunting soon.

I really need to go and visit the venue to measure how much bunting I need.

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