Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Bunting. continued.

DH made me a pennant template out of some acrylic!
My next stretch of bunting came from some old Winnie the Pooh tea towels.  These took ages to cut ut, to get the characters centred and to make best use of the available cloth.   There are some small holes - these are used tea towels, after all. 

I had one other tea towel which was pale green with polka dots, and this provided the backing for several of the pennants.  I wasn't really sure what to do about backing for the rest, so I carried on regardless. 

After what felt like hours of cutting out, I made a decision on what to do for the backing.  I cut up a quilt cover.

I then started sewing pennants.

Then I ironed pennants.

The I lined them up, and then I checked the pattern on the back as well.

The I started pinning them into the bunting tape.  I ran out of pins.  I had a lot of pennants.

Learning 1.
Tea towels are quite thick, and so are not the easiest of things to sew as double pennants.

Learning 2 
Cut out the two parts together. Even using my template, it was very difficult to get two separately cut pieces lined up.

Learning 3
Tea towels are quite thick. Two tea towels are a nightmare trying to sew them into fairly thin bunting tape.

They are a but ropey, close up... but they look OK from a distance.



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