Friday, 31 January 2014

Pocketful of Posies

I finally got round to taking a class in flower arranging.

I'm not naturally artistic, and I've been thinking about "doing" a class in flower arranging for some time. The local college did some, but they were whole term things, and in the evening.  One or the other (many weeks, evenings), I might have been able to cope with, but not both.

Then a local venue was advertising a series of 4 flower workshops.  They were in the evening, which isn't great as I find it very hard to get motivated to go out when it's cold and dark outside. However, they were very local, so it seemed a shame not to give it a go.

So, last night I learned a bit about making a hand tied bouquet.   It was a lot harder and, perversely a lot easier than I had expected.

The whole knack of putting the flowers together in a spiral, and turning them, took  me a while to get the hang of.   My poor tutor.  I did explain that I struggle with spatial awareness, and I just could not work out what my hands were supposed to be doing.  I found this really hard.   However, it suddenly clicked  - and I was able to manipulate the posy.

Getting the posy balanced - with shape and colour and foliage and focal points -  was a bit tricky, and I retstarted my first bouquet a number of times.

Learning about using the greenery to force space (rather than just to add green) was an eye opener,   and learning about wiring gerbera was a revelation.    After a lot of concentration -  and with some  cramp in my hand) I completed my first bouquet.  I was very pleased with it

We had a break for tea and cake,  and learned how to make frames to hold the posies.  I made a frame to use (and re-use) at home.

And then, while we were chatting at the end, I had a quick go at making a second posy, using up the greenery and flowers that had been prepped but not used.  I was amazed at how fast (relatively speaking) I was able to put a posy together.  I still struggled a bit with what I should put where, but the mechanics of doing it came much more naturally.    It was surprisingly easy, now I knew how.

The florists eye - deciding what should go where -  will improve with practice, I'm sure.

Another class next month. I'm really looking forward to it.

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