Friday, 10 January 2014


It's stopped raining, temporarily, and the sun is out.

The lower parts of the village, those by the river, are under water - for some people, they are only reachable by canoe or thigh high waders.

Our part of the village, some way from the river, has been moved up from "flood alert" to "flood warning".   Upstream, the river is now officially as high as it was in 2003; downstream, we'll reach that any time now.

We're unlikely to get flooded by the river, but I guess we may have some problems with flash floods. Earlier in the week we had problems where the drains couldn't cope, but it wasn't endangering the house.

More rain is forecast,  so we'll be keeping an eye on things.

The sun being out, I took the opportunity of shutting the Girls out of their covered run and putting Tilda in there so she could have a dust bath.     Tilda again refused to go out at all  this morning,  so I picked her up and carried her into the run, and deposited her gently in the bath.  I then cleaned the waterers in the run, and filled the feeders,  so that I was on hand and she could feel safe enough to bathe,

I'm back in the house now, keeping an eye on her through the runcam, so I can see when she's finished.

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