Monday, 7 January 2013

Spin the Wheel

Another change around.

Tilda, who is still living-in on a Dinner Bed & Breakfast basis, spends most of her time outside hidingunder a shrub.  She moves around the garden during the day, but she's always well away from the two Oldies (Florence and Roobarb) and the two LIttlees (Lotti and Poppy).

Lotti and Poppy continue to try and sleep in with Florence and Roobarb, but the ease with which they gain access to the cube varies from night to night.  I wondered, idly, whether Florence and Roobarb were blaming Lotti and Poppy for the banishment of  the two bullies (Milly and Custard).

We realised a couple of days ago that we were going to have to re0hink our strategy, and that the best thing might be to put Tilda in a safe area on her own, and to let Milly and Custard rejoin the main flock.   She spends most of the time on her own anyway, so it is no worse than she is suffering at the moment. In fact, it should be better - she could at least mooch about without fear of being chased by Florence and Roobarb.We would continue to bring Tilda in at night (as the weather is supposed to get much colder soon).  I decided that it would be best to wait until the Littlees had come into lay, as they may be able to hold their own better when Milly and Custard were reintroduced.

And then there was last night.
Last night we were woken up by an alarmed hen. (truthfully, DH was woken up by an alarmed hen, I was woken up by DH).  DH wento to investigate and heard something leaping over the fence.   Investigation showed that Lotti (who had been in the Cube in the evening, I checked) was trying to sleep in the Egg under the Cube.

So, this morning I decided to try putting tilda in the Henitentiary,  and I let the bullies in with the other 4.  I'm keeping an eye on them - any sign of undue nastiness to the Littlees, and the  bullies will be back on their own.

I haven't decided what to do about bedtime.  Apart from bringing Tilda in, of course.   I was thinking I would separate Milly and Custard late afternoon: if Lotti and Poppy are having trouble getting in past two big girls, I can't see them getting past four.  DH suggested that it might not be such a problem, maybe a bit of harmony will be restored by having the four big girls together.   Maybe.  We've decide to see what unfolds naturally for tonight.

Custard and Milly are delighted to be back with their friends.  They've been all over the garden,  and the four oldies are spending a lot of time as a group.

Let's see how it goes.

Milly (and to some extent, Custard) are very much on probation.

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