Wednesday, 9 January 2013


Norman or her sisters has been laying for a week or so now.  These three lovely little girls (Sarah, they are the offspring of Capt'n Flint x Buffy and Willow) lay very recognisable eggs. Smallish, goos solid shells, very smooth.

Today, we also found an egg in the Littlees' shed!  No idea who laid it. And whoever laid it hadn't discovered the two nestboxes, so maybeit took them by surprise.

At home, Lotti has been crouching for me every day for a week or more now, so hopefully we'll have something from her soon. I'm really looking forward to eggs from her, because they will be china white.

And Roobarb has been laying a few times a week for a couple of weeks!

Home laid eggs, nothing - nothing beats them.


  1. Ah, how lovely that they are laying and that the line continues. I no longer have Ruby or Violet ( Fox) so it is nice to know their relatives live on.

    Sarah x

  2. Good to see there's a chicken with the same name as me :p