Monday, 24 September 2012

Drowned rats

Yesterday the weather tool a slight turn for the worse, and the rain which we have been repeatedly promised for weeks finally arrived.

The Big Girls are fine. They have a lovely clear-roofed walk in run. Their current paddock arrangement lets them use the hedge against the back fence, and several dense shrubs.  They have no need to get wet at all.

The Littlees have a Cube which means they can shelter under it for the worst of the  weather, and they have a bed with several dense, small, shrubs which keep the weather off.  However, the Littlees haven't really seen rain before, and don't understand that their feathers aren't waterproof.

It was too late yesterday to go and find the winter covers, so I decided to do it first thing this morning.

First thing this morning, the rain was torrential.  Still, it meant that the winter covers were needed more than ever, so I braved the rain to go and find them in the shed.   It was too wet to try and do both runs,  so I decided to do the Littlees.

It took a bit longer than I expected, mainly because (a) I hadn't cut the cover to fit in advance and (b) the punched holes weren't in the right places.   Fortunately I had bought a load of Klingons in the past, and a rummage in a cupboard meant I could find four of them. 

The rain got heavier.  DH offered to come and help, but I declined.  Firstly, I was wearing his rain hat as I don't have one of my own;  and secondly,  doing it myself meant I could take my time and tweak it here and there and redo the clips as often as necessary to get it right.

My head was dry, but the rest of me was saturated.  The Littlees still haven't understood the need to keep dry so the 3 of us look like drowned rats.

I may have to get them in later and hairdryer them.

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