Saturday, 1 September 2012

Back home

Back home we started to sort out the two little Girls.  We let them out to completely free range while we removed one section from their Cube (they still have 3m).  I raked the lawn, and then started to move water from two water butts to soak into the ground.
The Girls were having a whale of a time. They quickly found a flower bed to excavate, and we let them.  We moved the newly shortened Cube to some fresh grass, still leaving the Girls to do as they pleased.

A bit later I bribed green ring to come and sit on my lap.  Exchequer eventually came and joined in,  and then they went and sat on DH's lap.  Isabelle, our cat, was disgusted by this and turned round pointedly so that she had her back to DH.

After much clearing up,  we eventually popped them into the Cube run.  They're sitting together at the moment, and we'll wait and see if they go to bed.  We've put the nest box divider into the Cube to make it a bit more cosy.   We'll have to be very aware of the overnight temperatures so we can make sure they are OK.

It'll be a long time before they are old enough to try integrating with the Big Girls.

Names next, I guess.

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