Sunday, 2 September 2012

Babies - update

We paused Doctor Who last night, to drive to the Allotment to check on the CHicks before it got too dark find any lost ones.  There weren't any. Lost ones, I mean. They were all tucked up in the shed, in two distinct groups.

The shed has a long perch along the length, and a perch across the width.  It also has roosting bars in one corner, at a much lower level,    and lots of floor space.  As the birds decide they want to perch, we will add more roosting bars.  Eventually they will all migrate to the perches.

One group were on roosting bars, with two birds perching on the pole above the roosting bars. The other group were in the diagonally opposite corner, on the floor, with one bird perched on the battery box.   DH will take a plank and bricks today, so they can rest there but not on the battery box.


This morning, back home, the Baby Girls were up bright and early.

I let the Big Girls out at about 8am, but couldn't let the Littlees out because there was no one around to supervise . We had taken all the chick netting to the allotment and hadn't brought any back. It's not much of a hardship as they have lots of fesh grass in their run. 

After my shower, I let them out and they ran gleefully (yes, gleefully) to the flowerbed. They've been busy excavating it since then.   Distraction is a good technique for helping them not to fret about their missing brothers and sisters.

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