Friday, 24 March 2023

Breathing Space

We got the British Heart Foundation (BHF)  to come and collect the the gorgeous TV cabinet from the living room (and I got them to take the mattress from the sewing room at the same time).

I was sorry to see the cabinet go; it had cost us a lot of money (£1400, some years ago), and it was a lovely piece of furniture, very well designed by an American company called BDI.  The arthritis in my neck meant I needed to get a lower cabinet, which we ordered months ago (and then it took months to arrive),   The new cabinet is pleasant enough.

The BDI cabinet has been sat blocking the dining room end of our living room since the new cabinet arrived.     It was a sad relief for it to go.  Sad, because I really did like it, and I was sorry that we couldn't find a buyer,  and a relief  because it's given the room so much more breathing space now.  

 I've moved the dining table more into the centre of the room now., something I couldn't do before because I was trying to get used to that taking up so much space.  Now the BDI has vacated the space,  the table doesn't seem as big,   so I've moved it before I get used to having the space available,

I'm hoping that the removal of the mattress from the sewing room will encourage me to go and do some sewing, or embroidering, or both.  

I'm trying, yet again,  to clear the sewing table in the kitchen.   

I made myself chuckle when I realised that I haven't used it for cutting for the last few items - I've used the breakfast bar instead - so I'm not really sure why I feel the need to clear it before I can do any sewing.  I suspect it's something to do with getting in the right frame of mind, and clearing the table clears my mind. 

Or something like that, anyway. 

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