Saturday, 1 October 2022


When I was a child, I hated Lavender.  It reminded me of old ladies (although, on reflection,  I don't think I  actually knew old ladies who wore it.  My friend, Helen Merton,'s grandmother lived in an old people's home, and I think maybe there was a lavendery smell there)

A neighbour had a lavender hedge, I couldn't understand why they would want that vile stinky stuff in their garden. 

As an adult, I didn't like the Lavender Method spray when it was launched (2006?)

Now, I really really like the scent of lavender.    I'm not quite sure when the change of heart  nostril started,

When I walk past a lavender hedge, I have to brush it with the back of my hand.  

For the past 5? years, I've bought a bag of freshly dried lavender from a fellow member of one of the FB groups I'm in.    As soon as the envelope hits the doormat, the house smells of lavender.   I have the bag on the kitchen table, and I find the scent really soothing.  Sometimes when I'm in pain, or feeling stressed, I pick the bag up for a good old deep sniff, and it really helps.    

We did grow lavender, once upon a time. We got rid of those beds, and the lavender went with it.

My Chiropractor offers a choice of oil, and I always choose the "old lady scent". 

I can't think of any incident that changed my view.  I guess it happened somewhere around the age of 50, maybe a bit younger.   Ooh, perhaps it was linked to a couple of fabulous wheatbags I had, which were heated in the microwave and then hung around my neck.   

I bet that's it.  I associate wheatbags with lavender scent and with relaxation, so that may well be the reason for the change.  

Maybe it isn't an age thing after all


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