Monday, 26 July 2021

Old News

I forgot to post that, sometime ago, I whipped up another skirt. 

 It's yet another  Pattern Emporium Heartlight Skirt.   I didn't use my projector, I have a card template for this.   Imade a slight adjustment to the waistband, and it's now both comfortable and it stays in place.

The wardrobe mirror is too narrow really but it gives you an idea.     

When I had the fabric on mmy cutting table, DH walked past and said "Ooh, scuba!".    It made me chuckle that he knew what it was and was so proud of himself for knowing.

 I'm proud of him too .

We had been watching reruns of old series of The Great British Sewing Bee so pattern matching was at the forefront of my mind.    It's a quite flowy skity, so I've had to pull it to show the seam.

It's not perfect, but I am really happy with it.


Total crafty things this year: 42

Sewing based makes: 
123) Inner pad for foot muff; make cover for foot muff;  trim down Superking Duvet to KS and recover edges;
456)Cushion cover for Miss T; Gift bags for Miss T and GDK;
7)Dressing Gown;
8-10)Cat Duvet, Duvet Cover and Pillowcase;
11) Cushion cover for living room;
12-15) Sleeveless tops (x4);
16) SBCC top
17) Overlocker chicken
18) Curtains for nest boxes (4, but counted as 1 make)~
19,20,21)Boxers for DH (test pairs for sizing - counted as 1,  and then 2 pairs)
Abandoned muslin for LoveNotions Willow Wrap Dress (not counted in total makes)
22)Apostrophe Patterns Joggers (jellyfiah and space)
23)Apostrophe Patterns Flared Joggers (black, with big red roses)
24)Boxes for DH (3 pairs using black cotton lycra with patterned fly)
25)Shorten the hems and sleeves on 4 of Mum's day dresses (count as 1 task)
26) repurposed  old tee shirt as cover for mini cushion
27) Burrito rolled bag (from Jane's July Zoom)
28) Replace waistban on massively oversized maxi skirt
29) Salvage DH's Firestorm tee shirt (using stretchyfix)
30) Yet another Heartlight skirt (July) feathers scubb, great pattern matching, goof fit onwaitband

Learning activities:
1) Scanning pattern pieces; 2) Making movies; 3)Babylock demo day; 4)Gathering using my overlocker;   5) Euphy training (circles,using elastic in looper);6) Gail Yellen's binder course; 7) Inkscape 1; 8) casting on;  9)purling; 10)casting off

Non sewing based craft makes: 
A) Painted bisque butter dish and had it fired
B) Knitted Infinity scarf, first attempt (pinks)

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