Thursday, 22 April 2021

Still raining

Elderly Relative (ER) is still in hospital.    

I ordered some track suit bottoms and tee shirts, as their own clothes were not really ideal for hospital wear.  ER has never worn trackies, so I bought one pair,  and a pair of pyjama bottoms that looked like trackies.    We took them up to the hospital the day they arrrived,  and ER was very pleased with them.

I've ordered some more which will be ready for collection tomorrow, and i'll take them up to the hospital tomorrow night.

The news about ER continues to be reasonable, and they have now been ut on the operating list for tomorrow.

My Dad. meanwhile, is also still in hospital.   It has been.... well,  it has been exceptionally tough.    They were able to do the procedure on Monday,  but he has been unwell and still can't come home.   Today he sounds better, so maybe tomorrow.

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