Monday, 19 April 2021

Jog On

The Dad news continues to be stressful.    I might write it down when it's all over.

Today, DH went out for the day, and I decided to try and make something new.  

I'd already had a play with a wrap top pattern, (Willow Wrap Dress, peplum top version from Love Notions) which had a "full bust" piece.  Unfortunately, the "full bust" piece wasn't full enough.  I finished it, but won't be wearing it.   It's not a disaster,  but it just isn't right for my boobs.

So today, to distract myself,  I decided to try the Apostrophe Patterns Joggers.      Apostrophe is interesting.  You buy access to their pattern generator for a specific pattern.  Once you've bought it, you can generate as many versions of the pattern as you wish.

Each time, you provide very very detailed measurements.  The measurement video was superb, the best I've seen.   Then you put the measurements into the calculator, along with the stretch (if any) of your fabri.  You choose your options (tapered leg, regular, flare,  type of pocket, type of waistband, sheight of waistband), and any adjustments (bowl legs, knock knees( and it generates a pattern for you.

I opted for the projector version, with full pieces (rather than on fold, or "cut two mirror").  The projector file was great.  All my measurements were on one of the pattern pieces for reference. 

I had some lovely fabric. Inexpensive, but I liked it.  Normally I'd start with some fabric I was less attached to,and do a muslin,  but I decided to just get on with it.  I've made trousers for myself before, and the pieces looked reasonable.

I fluffed up stitching one leg,  so I wasn't holding out much hope for it working.

However, the finished result is not at all bad!   Even with the faults (which are mine, not the generators) it's better than most ready to wear trousers I've ever had.

I think I should have gone for a alightly shallower waistband (this is 7.5 inches folded in half, less seam allowance, so about 3.25 inches or so high).The inseams are great, the side seasms are great, the length is fine (I'm barefoot in the pics).

I had all the benefits of my beloved Sure Fit system, but without having to draw off the pattern myself.

I'll definitely make more of these,  I've got a few pieces of fabtic I'd bought with the intention of making statement trousers. 

I might try a flare next. And pockets.

I'd actually be happy to try making joggers for someone else with the same pattern.

I'd also be happy to buy other patterns in their range now.


Total crafty things this year: 32

Sewing based makes: 17;
Inner pad for foot muff; make cover for foot muff;  trim down Superking Duvet to KS and recover edges;
Cushion cover for Miss T; Gift bags for Miss T and GDK;
Dressing Gown;
Cat Duvet, Duvet Cover and Pillowcase;
Cushion cover for living room;
Sleeveless tops (x4);
SBCC top
Overlocker chicken
Curtains for nest boxes (4, but counted as 1 make)~
Boxers for DH (test pairs for sizing - counted as 1,  and then 2 pairs)
Abandoned muslin for LoveNotions Willow Wrap Dress (not counted in total makes)
Apostrophe Patterns Joggers

Learning activities: 10;
Scanning pattern pieces; Making movies; Babylock demo day; Gathering using my overlocker;    Euphy training (circles,using elastic in looper) Gail Yellen's binder course;
Inkscape 1; casting on;  purling; casting off

Non sewing based craft makes: 2
Painted bisque butter dish and had it fired
Knitted Infinity scarf, first attempt (pinks)

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