Friday, 11 May 2018


Pilates this morning.   Tiring, but good.

Afternoon Tea, held locally in the village, and organised by a lovely lady. I've been looking forward to it for weeks,  and it was superb. I don't think I've had better.

Off to the allotment, to bring back all the eggs.  I fertility tested some from a few days ago.  Then I attempted (and failed) to match the fertile shells with newer eggs.

In the end I picked 8 different eggs, washed them using special santiser,  weighed them, marked them, and I put them in the incubator.  2 were definitely Dorkings, one from each;  one egg may have been from Siouxsie; the others... I have no idea.

It's not how I like to hatch, and it is very possible we'll end up not being able to keep any hatches from 6 of those eggs. It's highly likely that they are from the Girls who have traits we don't want to propogate,  and if that's the case..... well....  we'll be eating hens as well as cockerels.

I'm still debating whether to buy in some additional eggs. It's such a difficult call.

I made a triple batch of Thermie Lemon Curd, to use up 6 of the 8 eggs I tested.  I used lemons from Costco. They were huge and juicy.  They didn't say "unwaxed", so I had to scrub them.   The flavour is a lot less sharp than I'm used to, so I probably wouldn't use them for lemon curd again.

I've also put the breadmaker on to make dough for some olive bread.   I was going to make it by hand but...well....I just felt too lazy.

I'm going to make a cup of tea (I know! I;m not long back from Afternoon Tea) and have a sit down (I know. I've already spent several hours sitting down having afternoon tea!).

And maybe a power nap.

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