Thursday, 1 September 2016

Animal training

It never ceases to amaze me how well our animals train us.

The cats sit by the french window in the kitchen and, without thinking about it,  we get up to let them out.  They sit by the food bowls, and we stop what we are doing to feed them.   Izzy jumps on the bed in the middle of the night and meows for a stroke, she gets it.   Wash comes in to the living room and stands by my chair, I obediently put out my legs so he can jump up.

And so it goes on.

And then there is being not quite fully asleep, so that we are (usually) woken if Izzy is having a fit, or if Wash is involved in a fight, or if the chooks are disturbed.

Izzy  had one in the night. Unusually, it was upstairs.  Thank goodness we'd put down solid flooring recently.  The floor needed cleaning anyway, and cleaning it at stupid-o'clock during the night meant it didn't have to be done during the day.

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