Saturday, 7 July 2012


We were upstairs this morning, looking at the chicks and discussing moving them, when I heard a noise from downstairs. It sounded like Something had fallen over. The cats were both upstairs, so I wasn't too bothered.

Later, I walked into the living room to see that the French Window had shattered and was, actually, still in the process of shattering.
We checked outside and saw that the outside was OK, it was just the inside pane that had gone.   No obvious cause, although we could see the point of  origin from the shatter pattern (just at the bottom of the photo above).

We rang C, the chap who worked in Double Glazing and who recently replaced one of our knackered panels on the front window. He advised that we remove the shattered glass, taping it first. He'll come and measure up.

When seal on one of the front window panels "went", a few weeks ago,  DH and I discussed  whether we should replace the double glazing rather than replacing the panel.  This was because it was the third window  where a seal had gone in one of the panes (over the course of the last few years, not all recently).  We decided that the replacement pane was relatively inexpensive, so we'd just go ahead with the replacement.  DH then made an off the cuff remark that "when one of the big panes go, that's when we'll just replace them".

And now this.  But we aren't in the mindset of replacing the windows.  I guess we'll need to do a bit of research over the weekend, and then see what to do.

It was actually rather pretty....

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