Saturday, 28 July 2012

Extension - Day 22/23

Day 22 (or 23 for some of them).
Another fine day. We tested the grass at 8.30 and it was a bit damp.   We had a discussion about what to do, and decided that we'd extend their run (it's now 3m x 1m) and put the Go in, complete with a hotbot.

At 10.30, we put the chicks out and they had a whale of a time. Fresh dirt in the dustbath, and they seemed very happy.  I'll reheat the hotbot in a hour or so.... they are unlikely to need it, but it means that they have something to snuggle with if they want to.

A couple of them are now very tame, and happy to eat from my hand while being stroked.  The Exchequers are now showing more loopy tendencies,  so I'll need to concentrate on getting them more hand tame now.

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