Thursday, 3 March 2011

Pork update

Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam. 

Although we've had a lot of pork lately, it's been in various forms so it hasn't been getting tedious.   Saturday was roast pork hand,  Sunday was the shredded pork in pancakes with hoisin sauce,  Monday was sausage burgers,   Tuesday was ribeye steak (so not pork at all),  Wednesday was home made cannelloni, and tonight was Toad Out of The Hole.

Downside - if there is one -  is that I had cannelloni left over, which I put in the freezer,  and I made the leftover filling into meatballs, which I fried and froze.  We also had to find space for the brawn,  so the freezer is still full to bursting. 

We're low on beef (we ate quite a bit before we butchered the side of pig, so we'd have space in the freezer), and I'd like to order some more... but we need to eat a space first. 

I think we'll have something unfrozen tomorrow, and then see where we're at on Saturday.

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