Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Mind over Matter

Florence, our lovely huuuuge Australorp that we hatched last year, has absolutely NO idea that she is a Giant.

When we started to merge the 4xOld Girls with the 4xLittlees,  she was bigger than everyone else.  If one of the Oldies pecked her, she would run off shrieking.  It didn't occur to her that all towered above everyone else.  

She reminds me a bit of Miranda Hart.  She's bigger than her companions, lumbers when she runs (she reminds me of Miranda galloping), but is actually really lovely.

Anyway. This complete lack of self awareness has continued, and it's amazing how her belief that she is the same (small) size (height AND width) means that she possesses superb "mind over matter" skills.

The latest example is when Lily manages to escape, and Florence just follows her.  Lily has two escape methods. Occasionally, she escapes by flying, but usually her skill is to find a tiny gap, line herself up, and get through it.   Florence, who is about five times the width of Lily,  sees Lily walk through a gap, and she just follows.  As long as her head gets through the gap (which it does, it's the same size as Lily's) then the rest of her body just squeezes and squozes until it's through.

She's such a lovely girl.

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