Tuesday, 26 January 2010

New blog layout

I really liked the new layout of HardupHester's blog, and so I followed the link to the place where she got it, and saw that the artist concerned had posted lots of tutorials on how to create and adapt backgrounds.  So I've had a go (as you may have noticed).

I haven't finished yet, it's taking me ages to find suitable pics of the Girls and then editing them to get the bits I want.  
Over on the left of the blog (assuming you can see it) we have my gorgeous Bluebelle -  Delilah -  and lovely Legbar - Milly.   Delilah is the oldest of my girls, and the last of my original three. 

EDITED TO ADD: I've changed the layout again since I wrote that; Delilah isn't currently pictured; Milly is now on the right.

I've noticed that the change in layout has affected the layout of the photos in earlier posts. Oops.  Oh well.

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