Saturday, 9 January 2010

Chicken Porridge

Because of the cold, the Girls have been having a treat of Chicken Porridge every morning.    For the first few days I made the porridge using leftover chick crumb. The boiling water turns this  to porridge beautifully.  We've run out of crumb now, so I'm using normal layers pellets and boiling water; this takes a bit longer to transform.

Have you ever made Weetabix and hot milk?  It doesn't matter how much milk you add, the Weetabix turns solid.  The trick is to add some hot milk. let it turn solid, then add  more hot milk until you get that comforting baby food consistency.   It's the same with pellet porridge.

The Girls are now used to having this "treat" and start squawrking (sp?) each day until it is delivered. I suspect they think that this is now "normal service".

Luckily for them (well, in this context), Snow is forecast again this weekend, and so the cold snap - and the Porridge deliveries - will continue.

Very fortunately for us all, I placed a feed order on Monday, and the delivery man managed to deliver yesterday.  Just in time - we're almost out of goose feed and corn at the Allotment,  and we would be out of Layers Pellets  for my Garden Girls during next week.


  1. i will give this a go!
    sounds like a good idea,
    my girls love spaghetti too!!!

  2. My Girls *love* pasta. I always cook extra when I'm making it for us (and I have been known to make some especially for them).

  3. I give the chickens warm water, but I'll have to try the warm feed. Sounds like a great idea.

  4. we use the food grade Diatomaceous Earth at It has helped us combat red mites and bed bugs too