Monday, 26 October 2009

Moulting revisited. And beaks.

Delilah's new feathers are starting to appear on her back, although her bottom still looks like PlayDoh's "Barber Shop".

Jasmine has joined her in the Borg-lookee-likey stakes. Jasmine's moult isn't as rapid,  nor is it quite so dramatic, but there are definitely big pbald atches on her body where there used to be feathers.   Her neck has he borg feather shafts but, as they are brown, it isn't as scary as it was with Delilah.

I've been finding some other feathers in the Run as well. They could belong to Jasmine but I suspect they belong to Milly,  so looks like she'll be joining in soon.

Daisy's beak continues to fracture. The Vet showed DH how to trim it with nail clippers, so we've been trying to do this as soon as new growth appears and  the old growth splits.  The hope is that we can eventually get ahead of the weak point, and it'll stop happening.    Or it could be that we carry on like this.  Daisy doesn't like having it done, but she doesn't bear a grudge and lets me catch her anyway.


  1. I love the 'Play doh barbers shop' comment! Brings back memories and is exactly what my hens backsides look like!!

    C x

  2. Molting chickens are scary looking. When I saw my first molting chicken I thought it was sick. I'll be glad when my chickens get all their feathers grown back in. The clipping to get ahead of the weak spot is good info to know. Thanks for sharing.