Wednesday, 8 July 2009


We've got an Incubator!

I bought an R-Com 20 from the really friendly people at P&T Poultry plus an infra red lamp and a candler.

We're going to start a flock of Dorkings, which we will use for eggs/flock creation (Girls) and Dinner (Boys). We'll probably try crosses with other breeds (eg Indian Game) later, but that's wa-a-a-a-y into the future.

It's going to be some time until any of them will be ready for Dinner, so we're also goign to be hatching 2 Dinner breeds, probably Sasso and Ixworth.

We were going to hire an Incy, but decided it would be as cost effective to buy one. If we decide that incubating isn't for us, we'll sell the equipment - and the loss will probably be less than the cost of hire IYSWIM.

I've been bookmarking suppliers of fertile eggs for a few weeks now. We just need to check the calendar to decide when we're going to start....


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  2. Do you want a Dorking Cockerel? I have two and one is destined for the pot if no one takes him...he is magnificent, a silver Dorking and not yet a year old...

    Also would you be interested in some Silver Dorking hens? I have a few I wish to sell...they lay well and go broody at the drop of a feather, so would be good incbators..same age/hatching as the cockerels ( but unrelated.....)

    email me if I don't want to eat the cockerel if someone wants to buy him.....


  3. Thanks for your thing though...I am not worried if he gets eaten eventually....I just would like to see him have a bit more life as a cockerel before it happens and with me, he won' if that was all thats worrying you, have him! and the hens are free, if you could give me a contribution to transport (I would be able to bring them over, I expect.....)

    So....if that makes you rethink....

    ( she says in a tempting manner..? :-) )

    but that is my last mention of it, if you still don't want them ;-)

    :-) Cw xx