Saturday, 4 July 2009

Buttering up

Taking advantage of the cooler weather, I got the cream out of the fridge yesterday morning ready to turn into butter yesterday afternoon. I unexpectedly had to work until late yesterday evening, and it was only when I got up this morning that I saw 4 litres of double cream on the worktop.

It's not a good idea to make butter when its warm. It doesn't churn as readily, and so its keeping quality is impaired. Still, I couldn't face throwing away all that cream so I made it anyway.

I found some old fashioned jelly moulds in the back of a cupboard when clearing out stuff to sell on Ebay, and I thought I'd try them as butter moulds.

The cream did turn into butter today, only takes a few minutes in the food mixer, but it was a very soft and slippery end product. I didn't get out as much buttermilk as normal, so I know theres still some buttermilk in there despite me washing it in cold cold water. The jelly moulds full of butter are stacked in the fridge, along with several Lock 'n' Lock containers of butter. The L&L ones will go in the freezer as soon as the butter has hardened off.

I also made a litre and a half of Tayberry cordial today.

The Tayberry, Raspberry and Blackcurrant vodkas all need attention as well, but it's just too hot!

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