Thursday, 26 June 2008


Scarlett's broodiness is getting worse/

The first couple of days we did the "ice pack" trick, which seemed to be working. However, she didn't snap out of it, and so we moved on to dunking.

She's not eating properly, so today we didn't dunk. Instead, we just made sure she couldn't get back into the nest box. She wasn't happy. She tried everything to get in, including flying on to the top of the coop.

She paced around bokking, and then sat under a bush bokking. Poor little love, she just can't help it.

This evening, we put her in the broody cage, in the middle of the run. We positioned it so she could see Delilah when Delilah goes to bed, and I put in water, food, grit, some cat food and some corn. She ate the corn, nibbled the cat food, and then just started pacing up and down. She's not a happy bunny. It's horrible.

1 comment:

  1. Poor Scarlett. There is nothing worse I imagine, watching her locked in a cage, but she does need to snap out of it. I have been lucky with mine. The ice pack/dunking always worked *touches wood*.

    Hope she is back to normal soon. Good luck!

    C x