Monday, 23 June 2008

Brooddy baby.

Scarlett is once more trying to go broody.

It's not really a good thing for her, or for Delilah. Now we have only two hens, Delilah gets really upset because she is on her own while Scarlett is in the nest box. We know she's upset because she runs around sqwauking, then stops and moans. A lot. Scarlett, meanwhile, is getting all overheated and not eating properly.

She's been hoggin gthe nest box, sitting on Delilah's egg and her own. We've been removing the eggs and turfing her out of the nest box each day, and it's been ok. Apart from today.

This morning, she went back in the nest box. And again. Of course, there is a chance that she's just taking a long time to lay - but the other symptoms suggest broodiness. She fluffs up, pancakes, and isincredibly hot. The ice pack didn't work today (it has worked before), as she realised all she had to do was get off the icepack and sit somewhere else.

So, we decided we'd have to try dunking her. I filled a small tubtrug with water and did the deed. She was back in the nestbox almost immediately. We gave her a while to see if she laid, then tried again with the tub trug full. It still didn't cover her back. Still no good. My husband tried. Still no good.

I then filled a larger tub trug with water, and tried that. It was horrible, I felt really mean. When she got out she was very wet and bedraggled. She hasn't been back in the nestbox yet, so we might have "won" this round....but that doesn't mean she's snapped out of it. We'll have to see tomorrow.

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