Monday, 19 May 2008

Making progress

I've tried to spend some time each day with Scarlett and Delilah, getting them used to being touched and handled again.

On Saturday (2 days ago) and Sunday, I managed to get them to come and sit on my legs while I was sitting on the ground, and they ate their mixed corn quite happily letting me stroke them. Today, I took a small stool/step ladder thingy out and sat on that, and both of them flew up and sat on my knees eating.

Scarlett needed a bit of a bottom bath. She's needed one for a few days, but I didn't really feel up to bringing another chicken into the kitchen just yet, and I felt she wouldn't really take kindly to it this time (although she has had a bath and blow dry before, and seemed fine).

Anyway, today was The Day. I partially filled the kitchen sink with warm water, prepared two bowls of porridge, and took one outside. Scarlett did not want to be caught, but I got her without too much fuss. I left one bowl of porridge for Delilah, who was happy eating it until she realised Scarlett had gone.

By the time I had placed Scarlett in the sink, Delilah started bokking frantically. I couldn't do much, I had a soggy chicken to deal with. Anyway, Scarlett started bokking back, so I had to work fast trying to clean her up. She didn't mind being washed, and she seemed to quite like the hairdryer. I did the last bit on the floor, and she was quite happy to stand over the hairdryer while it was laying on the ground . I only have two hands, one of which is needed over her back, to stop her flapping her wings. I needed to gauge how wet her undercarriage was, and needed to use my dryer hand to do so.

Anyway. She seemed fine, did a massive poo (once again, thank goodness for Karndean), and the job was done fairly quickly. I then put her back outside with her untouched porridge, and she seems quite happy.

I think next time I'll have to bring them both in so they don't panic at being apart.

It also confirmed for me that I need to get some more chooks to try and fill the gap left by Lydia.

I got 3 in the first place in case something happened, as 1 chook left on it's own is very unhappy. Now I have two, I need reinforcements. It's also not good to try and introduce one lone chicken, as it's not fair - so I'll be getting at least 2. Maybe 3. We'll see.

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