Monday, 12 May 2008

Lydia Updates, Week 3, Monday

I can't believe I'm starting Week3. I thought it would all be over by now.

Last night we left the pop hole open, so the girls let themselves out this morning. They didn't make any noise, so I don't know what time they emerged. Got up at 7 and tried hiding the tablet in a grape, which worked. I've got some cucumber and melon available for when Lydia goes off grapes.

She had a beakful of porridge. We need to start weighing her again from tonight so at least we will know which direction the weight is going.

Even now you wouldn't know she was ill, if you didn't know she was ill.

16.40pm Well, they've been in the garden all day, except for an hour when I went to the vets to pick up the antibiotics. She's mostly been sat in the shade, getting up a couple of times to rook through grass or whatever.

For the last couple of hours she's been sitting very quietly with her eyes shut. I put a water bowl right by her beak, and put down some porridge on the grass. She recently started breathing quite heavily - well, I could see her breathing IYSWIM. I've just come back from lying on the grass next to her, where I've been syringing water into her beak.

She looks quite peaceful, and isn't hunched up, but she really does look like she might be going soon. I'm now wondering whether we should just stop the antibiotics, maybe they are just prolonging the "inevitable" and so in a perverse way making it worse for her. I don't know if that makes sense to anyone else, it makes sense to me.

I'll see how she is later when it's time to give her the evening dose.

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