Wednesday, 9 January 2008

No News.

The time is really dragging. Still another 3 or so weeks til I find out whether "she's a she" or "he's a he". I don't know how I'll react if he's a he, as I am sooooooo fed up with waiting.

Work on the Run has ground to a halt. Weather has been atrocious, and it's been impossible for DH to go level up the slabs ready to erect the pen. It's also been too miserable for him to put the roof together.

I've got a few bits and pieces I need to order, but I've been rationing myself.

Oh, I've also picked the names for the hens at last. I've been trying them out over the last week, and I still really like them. Don't want to jinx things by posting the names yet.

Hugh FW and Jamie's campaigns have been airing on the TV, so there is a lot of interest in chicken welfare. Lots of talk about it, but I suspect that most of the people who are talking are those who are already converted. I wonder if there'll be a whole load of new people starting to keep their own chickens as a result?

Roll on end of January. And please let the TNN be a her.

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