Wednesday, 23 January 2008

A flurry of activity

I've been putting off phoning the Breeder to ask whether they know the sex of the chick yet. I've been trying to work out a plan B. Would I wait until May or June or whenever a new female chick reaches point of lay? Or would I get a couple of chickens somewhere else now, and then try and introduce the TNN (Transylvanian Naked Neck) later?

Anyway, I decied yesterday that I might as well know one way or the other, so I phoned to ask The Question. And she's a she! I'm planning to go and collect her, and my Buff Sussex, at the end of February. I'm now calling some other recommended breeders to see if I can get a BlueBelle for the same date.

And so I was spurred into ordering the next lot of bits & pieces. Cardboard boxes to collect them in, pink egg boxes and red mite powder from one supplier; a set of tub trugs and covers - in fabulous orange to match my Cube; and a Foxwatch to deter Mr Reynard.

Still got a few things to go, will organise the rest when I have confirmed the pick up date.

And now I find I need some really basic help with my Cube, and I've had to post some realy basic bedding questions on the Omlet forum. I've no doubt that I'll have more questions over the next few weeks.

When my DH talks about the hens coming (which he's now almost looking forward to!), he says that I don't seem that interested. Actually i'm trying to control my excitement. Inside I'm bouncing off the walls, but I know that there is still 5 weeks to go and anything could happen in that time.


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