Friday, 12 January 2018


Izzy went into a bit of a decline just before Christmas,  same as the previous year. 

Once again, we discussed whether it was time to put her to sleep, but we decided to wait and see - mail because of  how she flourished again last year.

We had out monthly vet appointment just after New Year.  To our surprise, she'd gained weight.  Not very much,  but any gain is good.    We talked to the Vet about how stiff she'd been, and  commented on how it had been the same the previous year.     He was happy with how she was.

And she perked up a bit after her B12 injection.   She showed a renewed appetite.  She got a bit playful.  She got Interested in Things.   She did a lot more jumping up and jumping down,  aided by the small stools or steps we have at strategic points.

And she's started going out.  Initially she would go outside when we went outside,  but we've actually seen her use the cat flap to go out a couple of times!

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