Thursday, 24 August 2017

Herbert, Sherbert, and Fizz(bert)


I've tried out several names for the 3 chicks, and these are the stickiest ones so far,

Herbert is the Vorwerk boy (probably). 

Sherbert and Fizz(bert) are 'Legcanas' (Leghorn/Araucana cross. No idea which is the male/female side( .  They've both got sort of Leghorn tails. They're combs look like they're going to be Araucana-ish.  Sherbert has sideburns (like an Araucana),  and Fizz(bert) has a clean face like a Leghorn.  At least that's how it seems at the moment.  Hopefully they'll be laying blue eggs.  

Small Person wanted me to call one of the Girls "Herbiana".  That's why I didn't ask her to suggest names... but if Herbert turns out to be a girl,  I'll call her Herbiana.

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