Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Goodbye my lovely Boys

The Dinner chickens were 20 weeks old at the weekend.  The Boys have not caused any trouble yet, partly because we deliberately hatch late  and partly  because we had a very early developing cockerel who has acted as Cockerel since he was about 6 weeks old. 

However, that lack of aggression can change overnight. We've found that out before with a bunch of Dinner boys a few years ago, where they were all getting along together remarkably well until suddenly they weren't.  We had to separate them off quickly back then, as it isn't fair on the Girls.

We;ve seen a bit of squaring up recently.  They are still juvenile enough that they don't know what to do and both end up running away, but it won't be long.   So, we decided that this week would be the week we culled the first lot. 

We have 11 Dinners, and we decided to take 4 boys this time.  We agreed that Red would stay for now,  no point making a space for another cockerel to fill,  and the 4 biggest boys were taken out.  

This leaves Red,  at least one (maybe 2) cockerels, and 5 or 6 Girls.   Hopefully the forthcoming cold weather will help keep the other cockerel(s) under control until we're ready to do the next batch.
We also removed Spike, so the Oldies are currently cockerel-less.  It will be interesting to see if they seem bothered by it.  He wasn't a very generous cockerel, but I do remember that he got them all (apart from Mrs) up on the roof of the coop.    Still, it  may not be for long.  We're probably going to remove the netting which separates the Harem and Oldies for the winter.
The potential bully, Blue Ring, in enry's harem had not been seen causing problens for a couple of days, so she was spared.  

4 plus Spike was more than enough anyway.


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