Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Leaving Home

Today's the day that the not-so-Littlees are leaving to go to their new home.  DH is at the Allotment putting the finishing touches to their new Coop, and we'll be taking them there around lunchtime.     They'll be shut in the coop for about an hour to help them imprint that it is home,  before we let them out to explore their new area.

I will miss them. Particularly the Roo.    

I won't miss the constant shepherding of the two Ixworth escapologists back into their run.  They can squeeze through the poultry netting;  the other netting, which has smaller holes, they simply stick there heads underneath and then crawl through.

On the positive side, it means that we can scrub the Eglu, and then make it available for the Tinies to get a bit of fresh air and grass.


  1. Hope all is well with your chickens. I've read a few of your posts and am interested in how the eglu works. I looks like a great idea. Glad you are enjoying your chickens.

  2. Hello Callie, thank you for your comment. You have some gorgeous chooks, they look really content.
    Eglu is good, Cube is even better. Definitely recommend it.